Audit 2017-18 notice of public rights and Temporary return

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of audited Annual Return

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Audit 2016-17

This audit has been completed by the internal auditor and has now been sent off to the external auditor to be reviewed. When the completed audit is returned by PKF Littlejohn, we will display on here their signed off page.

Budget 2015-18 inclusive

Annual Budget – By Centre

The above link to the budget will show the previous financial year, current and next financial years budgeted amounts and actual spend to date for last year and this year. Although the precept has increased a lot for this next year 2017-18, it is still far less than what we asked for in 2012-13.

District and County Councils have to keep their Council tax rises to below 2%, unless they have a public referendum to agree a higher rise. If a referendum is held it can cost Councils more to hold the referendum than raising the tax. Central Government ministers are currently looking at bringing in the same rules for Parish and Town Councils. They did look at it last Autumn for this next financial year, but they put it on hold. They are now looking at bringing it in for next year.

Our funding is being cut every year by the District Council, to be able to fulfil services we already provide CCC have asked us to reduce these services like they have. We would say that as we get many complaints about the state of roads, verges, litter, repairs,and needs for a rural Parish that residents would not be happy to accept the lack of service or facilities that we provide.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting us if more information is required.

Completed audit 2015-16

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