Your Parish Councillors are your elected representatives on the Parish Council, accountable to the voters of the areas they represent. They vote on the key policy decisions which effect the services your Parish Council provides are should be your first point of contact regarding the big issues which are affecting the community in which you live. Correspondence can be sent to Parish Councillors directly at home or directed through the Parish Office via the ‘Contact‘ page.

Chairman Ashley Bubb (Sturry)

Tel: 07775 517252  Email:

Vice Chairman  Carole Birch (Sturry)

Tel:01227 719440     Email:

Councillor Ann Davies (Sturry)

Tel: 01227 713405   Email:

Councillor Sharron Hogben (Sturry)

Tel: 07771866251   Email:

Councillor Peter Wenham (Sturry)

Tel: 01227 711470   Email:

Councillor John Hogben (Sturry)

Tel: 07778260076   Email:

Councillor Ben Davies (Sturry)

Tel: 07751825811     Email:

Councillor Heather Taylor  (Sturry)

Tel: 07737899690   Email:


When joining the council, councillors are legally required to declare financial interests and some other information to ensure that any potential conflicts of interest are clear and in the public domain. When these interests change, councillors must declare this. This information is called the register of declared interests, and the register is maintained by Canterbury City Council here.


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3rd June 2020