Your Parish Councillors are your elected representatives on the Parish Council, accountable to the voters of the areas they represent. They vote on the key policy decisions which effect the services your Parish Council provides are should be your first point of contact regarding the big issues which are affecting the community in which you live. Correspondence can be sent to Parish Councillors directly at home or directed through the Parish Office via the ‘Contact‘ page.

Chairman Louise Quirke (Sturry North)

Tel: 07704 948305   Email:

Vice-Chairman Anne Dekker (Sturry South)

Tel: 01227 904985  Email:

Councillor Ashley Bubb (Sturry North)

Tel: 07775 517252  Email:

Councillor Ashley Mills (Sturry North)

Tel: 01227 719327   Email:

Councillor Rosemary Harradine (Sturry North)

Tel: 01227 710860   Email:

Councillor Ann Davies (Sturry South)

Tel: 01227 713405   Email:

Councillor Carmel Hummerstone (Sturry South)

Tel: 07791613899     Email:

Councillor Kieran Jessup (Sturry South)

Tel: 01227 712228     Email:

Councillor Peter Wenham (Hersden)

Tel: 01227 711470   Email:

Councillor Andrea Brabham (Hersden)

Tel: 07956 279330   Email:

Councillor Hem Limbu (Hersden)

Tel: 01227 504297      Email:




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16th March 2017